Gwalior Heritage Trail

Stones murmur tales of distant pastOne has to have the time enough to decipher and keep!Time has weathered them, earthquakes have displaced themListen, these stones speak truths, profound and deep!  In the Gwalior MP Heritage Trail, we had the privilege of being guided by KK Muhammed Padma Shri, a renowned Indian archaeologist who has dedicated […]

Times Gwalior Heritage Trail: Discovering the hidden gems

Despite being so famous and located so close to Delhi NCR, somehow Gwalior always evaded me.Though, on a hindsight, I feel that perhaps Gwalior waited to reveal itself to me in a grand way. Irealised it was worth the wait when I was invited for an exclusive Times Passion Trails with noneother than Padma Shri […]

Times Gwalior Chambal Heritage Trail

Times Gwalior Chambal Heritage Trail The Times Gwalior Chambal Heritage Trail offers a captivating experience, weaving through Gwalior’s rich history and culture. Experience Architect KK Muhammad Trail Itinerary September 27th – Wednesday GwaliorThe evening event commenced with an orientation session. As the sun set, the participants gathered for a grand inauguration ceremony, and afterwards, indulged […]

Times Rajasthan Cuisine Trail

Photo Gallery Previous Next Video Gallery Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Trail Itinerary 31st August (Wednesday) – JaipurAll participants to arrive Lunch at OTH (To make the participants experience the cafe culture of Jaipur ) Street food experience of Jaipur Rest and Relax Opening ceremony at […]

Times Passion Culture & Heritage Trail, Madhya Pradesh

Trail Itinerary Day 1 – Bhopal (14th March, 2020)The experience seekers arrive in Bhopal at Noon and post lunch explore the Tribal Museum, followed by a visit to Taj-ul-Masjid, ending the day with an opening dinner celebrating the beginning of the trail.Day 2 – Bhimbetka (15th March, 2020)Followed by breakfast at the hotel, the travelers […]

Self Discovery Trail

Trail Itinerary Day 1 (26th September, 2016)Participants arrived in Bhopal and travelled to Panchmarhi. After the introduction session with EA Gagan Adlakha and other experts, they proceeded to their first session- “My Current Reality”Day 2 (27th September, 2016)Participants started their day with Yoga, Pranayam and meditation. The day included sessions related to one’s purpose and […]

Kumbh Darshan Heritage and Photography Trail

Trail Itinerary Day 1 – Lucknow (18th Jan, 2019)Participants fly-into Lucknow. CM to flag off the Trail. Explore the city of Lucknow.Day 2 – Prayagraj (19th Jan, 2019)Travel from Lucknow to Prayagraj and then to Areil Sangam. In the evening, explore the city that comes alive at Sangam during Kumbh. Later, there will be a […]

Temple Food Trail

Trail Itinerary Times Passion Temple Food Trail began with a group of 25 participants led by our Experience Architect, Padma Shri Dr. Pushpesh Pant. Day 2 – Mathura (28th August 2016)The next day, participants travelled to Mathura where they visited Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple. This was followed by a visit to the Banke Bihari Temple, followed […]