Times Gwalior Chambal Heritage Trail

Times Gwalior Chambal Heritage Trail The Times Gwalior Chambal Heritage Trail offers a captivating experience, weaving through Gwalior’s rich history and culture. Experience Architect KK Muhammad Trail Itinerary September 27th – Wednesday GwaliorThe evening event commenced with an orientation session. As the sun set, the participants gathered for a grand inauguration ceremony, and afterwards, indulged […]

Times Passion Culture & Heritage Trail, Madhya Pradesh

Trail Itinerary Day 1 – Bhopal (14th March, 2020)The experience seekers arrive in Bhopal at Noon and post lunch explore the Tribal Museum, followed by a visit to Taj-ul-Masjid, ending the day with an opening dinner celebrating the beginning of the trail.Day 2 – Bhimbetka (15th March, 2020)Followed by breakfast at the hotel, the travelers […]

Odisha Culture and Heritage Trail

Trail Itinerary Day 1 – Bhubaneswar (10th Feb, 2019)The trail will be flagged off followed by lunch. After that the participants will be visiting the tribal museum and Kala Bhoomi Museum. Later they visit the Dhauli Shanti Stupa for a light and sound show followed by dinner in the hotel.Day 2 – Raghurajpur (11th Feb, […]

Times Passion Tribal Trail, Madhya Pradesh

Trail Itinerary Day 1 – Bhopal (08th March 2022)The experience enthusiast arrives in Bhopal by noon, post lunch they attend an opening ceremony followed by a guided tour of the Tribal Museum. Later in the evening a formal dinner.Day 2 – Patalkot (09th March 2022)Explore Patalkot, place known for the Baharia Tribes. The tribesmen are […]