Cycling in Bhutan
Pedal to dizzying heights towards the Kingdom
Led By:  Rajesh Kalra

Previously, having experienced passion of highest kinds as we had pedaled through five mighty Himalayan passes facing dizzying heights, winding roads and yet feeling the elation of standing right next to a sign that read '2nd highest motorable road in the world'. Last year, it was time to go beyond borders and nations to seek what our passion has set for us.

15 passion seekers went on a journey that was meant for those who believe in themselves and would take that extra step forward to achieve the ultimate cycling goal. Together, we pedaled towards the Kingdom of Bhutan. Situated at the eastern end of the Himalayas, Bhutan is no ordinary place, it is the kingdom woven with mystery and magic. This is where we discovered what it was to live our passion in tranquil and serenity.

Cycling in Bhutan

Rajesh, the Chief Editor and Vice President of Times Internet Ltd., is a journalist with over two decades of experience. He is an avid sportsperson, a trained high-altitude mountaineer, a marathoner and a mountain biker by "Passion".

In his own words, "I have been cycling ever since I can remember. I was always an active sportsperson, but as far as cycling is concerned, I probably started taking it seriously - intending to do it the right way that is - about 10 years ago. I am excited about long-distance rides, mostly off-road trails in the hills and mountains. Seven years ago, I set up a cycling group and named it PedalYatri."

Professionally, before taking over as the Chief Editor of Times Internet, Rajesh had served as Editor, Times Interactive, in 1999. During that stint, he was instrumental in launching the three major online initiatives of the Group viz The Times of India, The Economic Times and Indiatimes.