Along the River Narmada
Visit and explore the heart of India
Led By:  Navina Jafa

Ever imagined what the heart of India looks like? This September experience an amalgamation of culture and heritage in the state that lies in the centre of India. Along the third longest river, Narmada, explore the rich heritage, culture, history, and culinary delights of Madhya Pradesh. From the ancient temples to the revered shrines of Shiva, the state welcomes you with open arms and offers heritage enthusiasts to deep dive in its tradition.

Narmada is one of the seven holy rivers of India and through this trail we take you to places like Hoshangabad, Hanuwantia Island, Omkareshwar, and Maheshwar, that lie along the life line of Madhya Pradesh. This beautiful journey will be led by the "Gatekeeper of the Spectacular", Dr. Navina Jafa.

Participation Fee:  30,000/- (This fee includes twin-sharing accommodation charges)
Along the River Narmada
Along the River Narmada's detailed itinerary
Visit and explore the heart of India  led by  Navina Jafa
  • Trail Dates: 15th - 21st September, 2018
  • Participation Fee: 30,000 (This fee includes twin-sharing accommodation charges)
** The itinerary is subjected to changes as per the ongoing suggestions by the Experience Architect.
Day 1 - Bhopal (15th Sept, 2018)
The participants arrive at Bhopal and meet Ms. Navina Jafa, the Experience Architect for the trail and launch this experiential journey after a brief session.
Day 2 - Bhimbetka (16th Sept, 2018)
Participants start for Hoshangabad to start their journey along the Narmada. Enroute, they will visit Bhojpur and Bhimbetka, rock shelters which is an archeological site in India.
Day 3 - Udayagiri Caves (17th Sept, 2018)
Participants start their day with a heritage walk and during the day visit the magnificent Udayagiri Caves and Sanchi Stupa, the oldest stone structure in India.
Day 4 - Hanuwantiya Tapu (18th Sept, 2018)
Participants leave for Omkareshwar and witness one of the 12 revered Jyotirlinga shrines of Shiva. Experience the beautiful island of Hanuwantiya on the way.
Day 5 - Maheshwar (19th Sept, 2018)
Participants leave Omkareshwar to visit Maheshwar where they explore the heritage at Ahilya Fort and then take the journey forward to Mandu which is a place rich in ancient forts and palaces, the most famous being Hindola Mahal.
Day 6 - Ujjain (20th Sept, 2018)
Participants reach Ujjain. Visit the famous Mahakaleshwar Temple and explore the city of Mahakumbh.
Day7 - Indore (21st Sept, 2018)
Flyout to respective native destinations.

Dr. Navina Jafa, called the 'Gatekeeper of the Spectacular' by Financial Times is India's leading academic, presenter and writer on heritage interpretation & curating heritage walks, tours, talks, and experiences for the last two decades. Awarded the prestigious American Fulbright Scholarship she worked at the Smithsonian Museum, Washington DC and has taught in some leading universities.

Through her illustrious work on Indian heritage, she has had the opportunity to share with world leaders, Nobel laureates, corporate, students and academics from leading world universities the understanding of Indian and South Asian civilisation.

She is the director of the consultancy group Indian Cultural Heritage Research and Vice President of Centre for New Perspectives, a think tank which works on traditional skills of India and Asia through research and livelihood program. Dr. Jafa is also an acclaimed Indian classical dancer and dance scholar.