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We focus on creating the journey, a journey that has many pit stops and stories to tell. The stories of the ground you walk on, of the recipes passed down generations, of not just the king who lived in the palace but the people who helped build it. These are not the stories that you read in history books. These are the stories that our Experience Architects have discovered with time. They are our creators and curators. They join you on the journeys, sprinkling them with anecdotes, crossing every mile to make the experience memorable for you.

Join us for Times Passion Trails and experience your passion through the lens of uniqueness.

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Whatever your passion may look like, we have a curated experience for you.

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Capture the play of light on the serene waters in Andaman; Behold the natural beauty in the sanctuary in Ahmedabad; Follow the wild trails in Odisha; Immerse yourself in the holy waters of Ganga at Kumbh. Our experience architects have curated the most unique trails and experiences for our passion travellers. Explore, and find something you love.

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Our travellers pen down their favorite memories from the trails.

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