Sufi Trail
A mystical path towards divinity
Led By:  Dhruv Sangari

Sufi mystic Rumi once said, "What you seek is seeking you."

This November 2016, begin an odyssey seeking the 'Truth' in the arms of divinity with our Experience Architect Dhruv Sangari. From the rustic heritage lanes of Delhi steeped in Sufi architecture, to the doorstep of Taj Mahal, which poet Rabindranath Tagore had described as 'a teardrop on the cheek of eternity', experience something more complete. Along the way, explore majestic places like Ajmer Sharif Dargah, 'Adhai-din-ka-jhonpra', Fatehpur Sikri and the majestic Taj Mahal and learn the history behind them.

Sufism is the selfless experiencing and actualisation of the 'Truth' that transcends mere social conventions and on this trail, you get a chance to take your first step on the mystical pathway towards the absolute truth. Are you ready to let your heart beat melodiously to some soul-stirring Qawwali and stimulate your mind with blissful Sufi prose and poetry? Are you ready to learn about the history and philosophy behind Sufism? Let's go!

Participation Fee:  30,000/- (Reads FAQs for more information)
Sufi Trail
Sufi Trail's detailed itinerary
A mystical path towards divinity  led by  Dhruv Sangari
  • Trail Dates: Coming Soon
  • Participation Fee: 30,000 (Reads FAQs for more information)
** The itinerary is subjected to changes as per the ongoing suggestions by the Experience Architect.
Day 1 - Delhi
The trail begins with the participants getting introduced to the Experience Architect Dhruv Sangari. Post this, they will start on an engrossing Sufi heritage walk culminating at Nizamuddin Auliya Dargah. After offering chaddar at the dargah, they will be taken for a delicious dinner at Karim's Nizamuddin.
Day 2 - Delhi
On the second day, the participants will head towards Sanskriti Anandgram and explore the beautiful campus. After settling down comfortably, Dhruv will give a session on the nuances of Sufi philosophy followed by a short tea break. The second half of the day will include sessions on Sufi prose and poetry by Madan Gopal Singh and the Sufi Story by Najaf Haider. The day will conclude with a stirring musical performance by the Char Yaar Group.
Day 3 - Ajmer
The third day will see the participants leaving for Jaipur. After checking into a hotel, they will drive to Ajmer Sharif Dargah and take a short walk to 'Adhai-din-ka-jhonpra' where they will meet the Peer; attend Roshni and offer Chaddar. After listening to a soul-stirring Qawwali, they will depart for the local market. The group will drive back to Jaipur for a scrumptious dinner.
Day 4 - Agra
The day will begin with the participants travelling to Agra from Jaipur via train. Upon arrival, they will check in, relax and have lunch. Post this, they will head to Fatehpur Sikri to explore the Indo-Islamic architecture and travel back to Agra in the evening. The day will end with a dazzling Sufi performance by Dhruv & the Rooh group.
Day 5 - Agra
On the last day, the group will travel with Dhruv to see the magnificent Taj Mahal where Dhruv will share the story about 'The Mystic Love'. They will then head back to the hotel, take a break and check out. The participants enriched by this soulful experience will then travel back to Delhi with beautiful memories.

Dhruv Sangari (popularly also known as Bilal Chishty) began training in Hindustani classical music at the age of 7. Later, he developed an interest in Sufism and Sufi music, and began learning Qawwali with Ustad Meraj Ahmed Nizami of the Delhi-Qawwalbachhe Gharana. He was also given training and guidance by the legendary Qawwali and Classical maestro late Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khansaheb.

Dhruv has been performing professionally since 2001 with his troupe 'Rooh'. His repertoire includes Farsi, Arabic, Punjabi, Urdu and Hindvi Sufi and Bhakti poetry from the works of famed poets and saints.

The cost includes boarding and lodging during the course of the trail. All meals and accommodation are a part of the trail cost mentioned.
The participants would have to make bookings for air/rail/road transfer to Delhi before the beginning of the trail and after culmination at Delhi back to their place of residence. All transportation arrangements after the commencement of the trail till its culmination are a part of the trail participation fee.
The cost mentioned is on twin sharing basis. Participants can opt for Single sharing for Rs. 35,000 (option depending on availability).