Tale behind Cocktails with Mr Bartender

Nitin Tewari speaks about his passion and demonstrates the art of making fine cocktails at home

Nitin Tewari

The core values Nitin has believed in over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Nitin worked his way up from a bartender to Brand Ambassador of Bacardi India to consulting as a trend setting BarTrender for the best brands India has to offer. His repertoire includes award winning bars such as Ek Bar, New Delhi (India’s first modern Indian cocktail bar), Masque in Mumbai (farm to table), Rooh in San Francisco and Talli Joe in London to name a few along with the many brand advocacies he has been carrying out under BarTrender Pvt Ltd. His constant quest for doing more led him to open Together at 12th, a freestyle restaurant and cocktail bar on the 12th floor of the Le Meridien in Gurgaon. The space has been created to promote everything local – food, farmers, crafts & craftsmanship with the aim to be seasonal and sustainable. The restaurant has completed about 8 months and has already been mentioned in prestigious lists such as Conde Nast Top 50 Best New Restaurant 2019 and won two awards for the best cocktail bar.

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Amin Ali

Documenting his love for Delhi, its culinary vibe and political milieu for last 13 years at The Times of India, Amin Ali is a seasoned journalist who fancies his pen as much as his pint. The current nightlife critic for Times Food and Nightlife Awards, Amin feels passionately about the industry and constantly advocates liberal food and beverage policies and firmly believes that India has the potential to be the culinary and cultural powerhouse of the world. As a lifestyle writer, he has almost been gauging and breaking gourmet trends and writing about global food and travel business, unique experiences and conducting political interviews.