The Chronicals of Cartooning in News and History

Ex-Cartoonist, TOI who not only pays tribute to the legendary R K Laxman but also explains how Cartoons have been the chroniclers of history & new

Neelabh Banerjee

Neelabh was born in Lucknow in 1965.He started his career as a crime reporter at The Pioneer and later worked as a cartoonist and illustrator for Target magazine. He moved on to become a staff artist at the Times of India, where he was the national arts and illustrations editor. At the Times of India, Neelabh collaborated with associate editor Jug Suraiya to create the popular comic strip Dubyaman, ‘a deranged superhero destined to skid on the banana peel of his own ineptitude’ based on American president George Bush.The comic strips were collected in a book, Dubyaman’s Duniya, which appeared in 2002. The two have also collaborated on the strip Duniya ke Neta which appeared in the Times of India.

In conversation with

Amin Ali

Documenting his love for Delhi, its culinary vibe and political milieu for last 13 years at The Times of India, Amin Ali is a seasoned journalist who fancies his pen as much as his pint. The current nightlife critic for Times Food and Nightlife Awards, Amin feels passionately about the industry and constantly advocates liberal food and beverage policies and firmly believes that India has the potential to be the culinary and cultural powerhouse of the world. As a lifestyle writer, he has almost been gauging and breaking gourmet trends and writing about global food and travel business, unique experiences and conducting political interviews.