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Explore the rich architectural heritage of Amdavad

Debashish Nayak


About The Trail

“You don’t stumble upon your heritage. It’s there, just waiting to be explored and shared.” Ahmedabad which is also known as Amdavad is the largest city in Gujarat. It is endowed with a rich architectural heritage that is vital to the local identity of the place. This city is colourful, full of lights, and has a rich heritage. The seeds of prosperity of the city were sown by Sheth Ranchhodlal Chhotalal by establishing the first textile mill in the city. This March 2018, let’s explore the historical streets of the city and capture innumerable stories, conversations and expressions of the place. From witnessing the first traces of human evolution to a journey back to 3rd Century BC, followed by a rendezvous with Chanderi, discovering the hidden gem of Central India Orchha, and witnessing the majestic grace of Khajuraho’s 1000 year old architecture – the Culture & Heritage Trail, Madhya Pradesh offered a multitude of historically rich experiences for our experience seekers. Have a look!

Know The Experience Architect

Debashish Nayak

Debashish Nayak is an architect who has more than two decades of experience in managing urban conservation issues of historic cities in India and abroad. He is the founder-director, Centre for Heritage Management of Ahmedabad University. He has been the advisor to the heritage programmes in the Municipal Corporations of various cities including Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Amritsar, Old Delhi, Lucknow, Pondicherry etc, as well as to the Indian Heritage Cities Network launched by UNESCO, India. He was also the Gujarat State Project Co-ordinator for National Mission on Monuments and Antiquities, and member of the National Committee on Conservation Policy, Archaeological Survey of India. In 2015, he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Governor of West Bengal. He has recently been awarded “The Spirit of Ahmedabad” award by Chief Minister of Gujarat for his contribution in protection of city’s heritage.


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