Telangana Food Trail in Hyderabad
An experience of real Telengana finger-licking cuisine
Curated by Sankalp

Times Passion Trails presents

Telangana Food Trail in Hyderabad

The participants were treated to a true Hyderabadi style breakfast followed by a special lunch in Beerpur Village near Karimnagar at a local?s residence. They got to experience how an authentic real Telangana local cuisine feels like. The trail culminated in Hyderabad with dinner at the Park and some finger-licking memories. The Trail was led by Sankalp.

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Sankalp (Vishnu) is a born Foodie and has got a natural appetite for the best food from his early days of his childhood.

After becoming an IT professional he has utilised the opportunity of frequent travelling to fulfil his ardent desire of indulging in different kinds of cuisines. Over the years he developed skills in food tasting and that has helped many of the restaurants in Hyderabad for enhancing their food quality, so as so in the past his columns, reviews and blogs in many Newspapers, Magazines and online portals were considered as a certificate.