Hot Air Balloon Photography Trail

Experience an aerial view of the majestic sand dunes

Rajesh Bedi

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Ever imagined how would the world look like, if you could see it from the top? Will it simply add to the beauty of it or give you a different perspective altogether of the place where we reside?
We took the passion for photography a little higher because this time we rode around the enchanting state of Rajasthan in a hot air balloon with well-known photographer and Experience Architect Rajesh Bedi.
We went through the beautiful city of Pushkar where we witnessed one of the most colourful fairs of Rajasthan. We saw the colours of sunrise as we took a hot air balloon ride in the morning and captured the vibrant mela and landscape shots. Beyond all of this, we enjoyed dune bashing in a four-wheeler and an ATV vehicle.

Know The Experience Architect

Rajesh Bedi

One of India’s biggest names in the genre of wildlife photography, Rajesh Bedi, along with brother Naresh, has worked towards portraying and conserving wildlife.
Bedi is one of India’s most experienced wildlife photographers, one-half of the famed Bedi Brothers filmmaker duo. The Brothers, Rajesh and Naresh, older by two years, have won several awards for their films. The Ganges Gharial, (1984) was the first Indian wildlife film to get the Panda Award (also called the Green Oscar) while Saving The Tiger (1987) and Man – Eating Tiger (1987) were nominated for the BAFTA awards and Cherub of the Mist(2006), on the elusive red panda was nominated for the Emmys.
He is the first Asian winner of the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year award in 1986, and recipient of the Indian government’s Lifetime Photography Award.


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