Palace Food Trail in Madhya Pradesh

Taste soul-stirring food

Kr. Shrimant Jeetendrasingh G. Gaekwad

Trail Itinerary

Participants arrive in Bhopal. They enjoyed the Afghani cuisine during the first day.
The trail headed to Maheshwar to experience Maratha cusine.
Participants travelled to Mandu from Maheshwar where they expereinced the Malwa and Rajputana hospitality and cuisine.
The trail culminated in Indore and participants headed to their respective destinations

About The Trail

Food that touches your soul and savoured in the heart of India is an opportunity worth experiencing for a lot of foodies. Guided by our Experience Architect Kr. Shrimant Jeetendrasingh G. Gaekwad from the royal family of Baroda, this trail was all about the grandeur of treats, made with special spices straight from the kitchens of the Kings and Queens-residing in the central state of Madhya Pradesh.

The journey stretched out to 4 days. It started from Bhopal and culminated at Indore. Our participants visited beautiful palaces, met the princely families and gorged on some authentic Maratha, Rajput, Afghan and Malwa cuisine.

From witnessing the first traces of human evolution to a journey back to 3rd Century BC, followed by a rendezvous with Chanderi, discovering the hidden gem of Central India Orchha, and witnessing the majestic grace of Khajuraho’s 1000 year old architecture – the Culture & Heritage Trail, Madhya Pradesh offered a multitude of historically rich experiences for our experience seekers. Have a look!

Know The Experience Architect

Kr. Shrimant Jeetendrasingh G. Gaekwad

Son of Soil and Great Grand Nephew of legendary HH Maharaja Sir Sayaji Rao Gaekwar III of Baroda State, Kr. Shrimant Jeetendrasingh G. Gaekwad is directly related to dozens of families of blue blood forming the core of Royalty, Aristocracy & Nobility in India. Apart from being an Industrialist, Realtor, Educationist, Marketing Management Guru, Patron to several NGOs, he is a Heritage Ambassador and Motivational Speaker.

Formerly, he was the Vice President of Heritage Palaces, Havelis, Forts, Royal Retreats, Regal Experiences, Royal Venues & Desert Outposts under the umbrella of Historic Resorts & Hotels Ltd., Rajputana.

Having an enviable successful track record of building long lasting brands in the Heritage Circuit, he is a Culinary Judge, associated with Museums & Cultural Fora and Heritage Historian cum Researcher.


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