Times Passion Tribal Trail, Madhya Pradesh

Stories from the heart of India

Mr. Vasant Nirgune

Trail Itinerary

Day 1 – Bhopal (08th March 2022)
The experience enthusiast arrives in Bhopal by noon, post lunch they attend an opening ceremony followed by a guided tour of the Tribal Museum. Later in the evening a formal dinner.
Day 2 – Patalkot (09th March 2022)
Explore Patalkot, place known for the Baharia Tribes. The tribesmen are avid farmers and are adept at crafting items like baskets from bamboo. They are expert healers and possess a deep, varied knowledge of various medicinal herbs.
Day 3 – Mandla (10th March 2022)
After a long journey we arrive at Mandla and get to explore the Raj Rajeshwari Temple famous for a few rare and scared 300 years old idols of Gond Tribe.
Day 4 – Mandla (11th March 2022)
Morning we leave to attend an exhibition of collectables of Gond and Baiga Tribes from 100 years from today. Later post lunch visit, Chogaan, holy place for tribes to get cure or blessings from evil spirits by worshiping their tribal gods.
Day 5 – Silpidi – Patangarh (12th March 2022)
Largest congregation of Baiga Tribes, they are master blacksmith and uniquely some of their women have traditional full body tattoos. Later participate in a Gond painting workshop and a live tribal tattoo display.
Day 6 – Jabalpur (13th & 14th March 2022) Fly - out
Drive to Jabalpur to catch your onwards flights back home

Our Partner

Our collaboration with Madhya Pradesh Tourism makes this experience all the more authentic, for they are the most magical storytellers, bringing out the known and the unknown for you to experience in all its glory of – The Heart of India.

About The Trail

A clarion call to all intrepid travellers!

Located at the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh is a unique confluence of culture, mythology, art, and history. And you now have an opportunity to experience at first hand the most hidden part of the state’s culture: the unfettered imagination of its tribes –

  • The Gonds: At over three million, arguably the largest tribal group in Asia! They worship Lord Shiva, whom they call ‘Bahadeo’ in their native tongue. Their paintings and works of art have won them global renown.
  • The Baigas: Believed to be of Dravidian descent, they reside in perfect harmony with nature in the thick, forested woodlands of Satpura. They commonly speak Baigani, and what makes them stand out – often literally – is their distinct art of tattooing, an essential part of their tribal lifestyle.
  • The Bharias: The tribesmen of Bharia count on agriculture as their main source of livelihood and are adept at crafting items like baskets from bamboo. They are well versed in Dravidian languages and dwell far within the shaded valley of Tamia, Chhindwara, accessible only on foot. They are expert healers and possess a deep, varied knowledge of various medicinal herbs.

The Times Passion Tribal Trail – Madhya Pradesh is a bespoke experience crafted for the art and heritage connoisseur in you. Where you not only dive deep into the tribal culture but also get a chance to experience their simple yet magnificent way of living. Come, unlock distinct and compelling stories that bring together history, mythology and the many facets of everyday life.

Join us as we craft a riveting tale of passion to learn more about the tribal culture of the heart of India – Join us in the Times Passion Tribal Trail – Madhya Pradesh.

Know The Experience Architect

Mr. Vasant Nirgune

Dr. Nirgune has worn various hats during his career and had been a true conservator for the tribal life of Madhya Pradesh. He has authored several books on all the tribes of Madhya Pradesh and also has helped created many short films with DD and private individuals for academic purposes. He has done extensive research on the life and evolution of the tribes and tribal areas and have lead tribal dance and music troops on many national and international platforms representing the true tribal culture of India for the lesser known. He has been awarded Tagore National Fellowship in 2013-14 and The Sahitya Akademi Award (India’s National Academy of Letters) for his work in Hindi on Tribal life in 2015. He has also been a key contributor for the creation of the Tribal Museum in Bhopal.


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