Turahalli Forest Photography Trail in Bengaluru

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Vinay Bayar


About The Trail

On the Turahalli Forest Photography Trail, the participants reached Turahalli at 8am and began their day by capturing various bird species in the forest followed by trekking and training session on identifying bird species in Turahalli. The Experience Architect, Vinay Bayar, gave participants insights on advanced techniques to capture dynamic subjects and the essentials of photography in an ecosystem like Turahalli Forest. From witnessing the first traces of human evolution to a journey back to 3rd Century BC, followed by a rendezvous with Chanderi, discovering the hidden gem of Central India Orchha, and witnessing the majestic grace of Khajuraho’s 1000 year old architecture – the Culture & Heritage Trail, Madhya Pradesh offered a multitude of historically rich experiences for our experience seekers. Have a look!

Know The Experience Architect

Vinay Bayar

Unlike most teenagers who spend their time exploring the ‘impulses of the mind’, Vinay teamed up with his camera and explored two of his most passionate pursuits; Photography & travel. Today, Vinay has progressed as a self-taught photographer, working with the country’s most celebrated and award-winning talents and winning many admirers across the world during this journey. Apart from contributing towards leading wildlife magazines, Vinay conducts and supervises wildlife photography workshops in India and Sri Lanka and guides the eager photographers to follow the right track.


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