Underwater Photography in Andamans

A dip in blue serenity to explore the unexplored

Sumer Verma



About The Trail

Ever imagined how the world looks underwater? Is there a lot to discover that is hidden deep under far away from our sight? Well, we took a dip and explored the unexplored in the Andamans for an experience every passionate photographer would love to have! Photographers had a unique six-day Underwater Photography Trail in Andaman with Experience Architect Sumer Verma, who is one of India?s most experienced and accomplished diving instructor and underwater photographer. Along with him, we had Mahima Jaini, a marine biologist who took interesting sessions on marine ecology, conservation and various characteristics of underwater flora and fauna to help us understand the subjects of our photography better. From witnessing the first traces of human evolution to a journey back to 3rd Century BC, followed by a rendezvous with Chanderi, discovering the hidden gem of Central India Orchha, and witnessing the majestic grace of Khajuraho’s 1000 year old architecture – the Culture & Heritage Trail, Madhya Pradesh offered a multitude of historically rich experiences for our experience seekers. Have a look!

Know The Experience Architect

Sumer Verma

Sumer Verma has been an underwater photographer since 2006. He shoots marine life mainly around the Lakshwadeep and Andaman islands. His work has won awards in several international competitions and his fashion editorial work has been published in the Vogue magazine. He began his career in underwater photography, in the crystal waters of the Lakshadweep Islands, and has continued to focus on creating imagery in the liquid medium for nearly two decades making it his profession, muse and medium. Sumer is a passionate marine conservationist and supports ReefWatch – an Indian NGO working on the protection and sustainable use of the ocean’s resources – in all his work. From the sea of inspiration, here is a selection of his work displaying the majestic sense of space underwater and the intricate design of the creatures that inhabit it.


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