Kaziranga Wildlife Photography Trail
A quest to capture the great one-horned Rhino
Led By:  Rajesh Bedi

Tigers, rhinos and water buffaloes dot the green in Kaziranga. Wildlife photography enthusiasts were given a chance to live their dream on a 6 day Wildlife Photography trail through Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Kaziranga National Park and Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam. They explored the wild and captured some of the best that wildlife has to offer.

The team followed the park director as he led them into the wild on an elephant safari. They clicked pictures of water buffalos drowning in the blue; they learnt the tricks from the Master and his team; embraced whatever the ranger had to offer and most importantly shared their experiences as they became part of this memorable trip!

Kaziranga Wildlife Photography Trail

One of India's biggest names in the genre of wildlife photography, Rajesh Bedi, along with brother Naresh, has worked towards portraying and conserving wildlife.

Bedi is one of India's most experienced wildlife photographers, one-half of the famed Bedi Brothers filmmaker duo. The Brothers, Rajesh and Naresh, older by two years, have won several awards for their films. The Ganges Gharial, (1984) was the first Indian wildlife film to get the Panda Award (also called the Green Oscar) while Saving The Tiger (1987) and Man – Eating Tiger (1987) were nominated for the BAFTA awards and Cherub of the Mist(2006), on the elusive red panda was nominated for the Emmys.

He is the first Asian winner of the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year award in 1986, and recipient of the Indian government's Lifetime Photography Award.