Challenging Conservation of Temples in Chambal Valley

The Heritage of Bhateshwar Temple

Know more about the heritage of Central India from Padmashri K K Muhammed, a heritage expert who will speak about the Discovery of Bateshwar Temples in MP.

Archaeologist K K Muhammed

Dr. Karingamannu Kuzhiyil Muhammed is one of India’s foremost archaeologists. Honored with the hightest civilian honour in India – The Padma Shri in 2019, he also proved his mettle when he served as a tour guide to historic monuments for prominent foreign guests such as Pervez Musharraf and Barack Obama. Some of his major archaeological discoveries include excavating Ibadat Khana, the structure where Akbar proclaimed the formation of Composite religion known as Din-e Ilahi (Nursery of Indian Secularism) and discovering the first Christian Chapel of North India built by AKhbar at Fatehpur Sikri.

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