Times Gwalior Chambal Heritage Trail

The Times Gwalior Chambal Heritage Trail offered a captivating experience, weaving through Gwalior’s rich history and culture.

Experience Architect - KK Muhammad

Times Gwalior Chambal Heritage Trail

The Times Gwalior Chambal Heritage Trail offers a captivating experience, weaving through Gwalior’s rich history and culture.

Experience Architect
KK Muhammad

Trail Itinerary

September 27th - Wednesday
The evening event commenced with an orientation session. As the sun set, the participants gathered for a grand inauguration ceremony, and afterwards, indulged in a delightful evening dinner, creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.
September 28th - Thursday
The participants explored the sacred temple sites of Bateshwar, Padhawali, Mitaoli, and Kakanmath, each rich with historical and architectural significance. These revered places offered a glimpse into India's religious heritage, showcasing intricate craftsmanship and spiritual devotion, making them must-visit destinations for those seeking cultural and divine experiences.
September 29th - Friday
The participants explored the magnificent Gwalior Fort, an ancient hill fort in India, renowned for its historical significance and stunning architecture. They discovered the Gujari Mahal, an exquisite palace within the fort, and delved into the rich heritage at the Museum, all offering an immersive journey into Gwalior's cultural treasures.
September 30th - Saturday
Shivpuri district
The participants embarked upon a scenic road trip to Shivpuri, where they explored the historic George Castle nestled within the lush Madhav National Park. They didn't miss the opportunity to admire the splendid Scindia family chhatries, rich in architectural grandeur, offering a glimpse into the region's regal heritage.
October 1st - Sunday
A Chambal River Safari offered a captivating journey along the meandering waters of the Chambal River, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in the scenic beauty of its untouched landscapes, spot diverse wildlife, and explore the rich history and culture of the region, creating unforgettable memories.
October 2nd - Monday
Gwalior, a historic city in India, boasts remarkable attractions, including its awe-inspiring rock-cut temples that exhibit intricate architectural marvels. The serene Mohammed Ghaus Tomb, a spiritual haven, adds to the city's cultural richness. The city's Closing Ceremony festivities, marked by vibrant traditions, further showcased its vibrant heritage.

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Our collaboration with Madhya Pradesh Tourism made this experience all the more authentic, for they are the most magical storytellers, bringing out the known and the unknown for you to experience in all its glory of – The Heart of India.

About The Trail

The region around Gwalior is a microcosm of Indian history. Over the last thousand years, every dynasty of note – from the Pratiharas to the Tomars, from the Bundelas to the Scindias – have left their mark on the space. As a result, the area is dotted with stunning architectural heritage.

Gwalior Fort: One of the mightiest forts of India, a bastion that is nearly a millennium old, with magnificent palaces, temples, an elegant stepwell and more. A place that is home to the second-oldest mention of the number ‘Zero’- part of a description within a temple. Ancient Jain rock cut iconography depicting almost the entire pantheon of revered Jain Tirthankaras.
Explore the grandeur of the Gwalior fort. Click here to know more.

Gwalior City:A Scindia palace that is representative of a period in Indian history where princely states held sway. A feel of a wonderful old city, with shopping and culinary experiences that are unique to it. A walk-through of the Gujari Mahal museum, which is a showcase of ancient artifacts inside a medieval palace.
To know more about tourist destinations in Gwalior, click here.

The temples of Morena: In a district which once had a violent past, trail participants discovered ancient temples in rural area. Temples, such as the Ekateshwara Mahadeo in Mitaoli – some believe this to be the prototype of the old Indian Parliament design, the excavated temple complex at Bateshwar, the elegant carvings of the temple at Padhawali and the massive 150 foot high Kakanmath. Each a masterpiece of design showing a wealth of temple building traditions of ancient India. And close by is the Chambal River.
For more details about Mitaoli, Padavali & Bateshwar, read this blog.

The heritage of Shivpuri: Participants in the trail went to where the Scindia dynasty used to hunt and what later became a national park. They visited the George Castle, built for a British Prince inside the Madhav National Park and saw the graceful chhatries (memorial cenotaphs, akin to shrines).
To know more about Shivpuri, read this article.

The legend of Tansen: Gwalior is where the legendary singer of Akbar’s court, Tansen, came from. They visited the tomb of Tansen’s spiritual master, Mohammad Ghaus, known for its stunning ‘jaali-work’ design. In an interesting continuation of the master-student tradition, Tansen lies buried in a much smaller tomb in the same complex, a disciple at the feet of his master.
To know more about the legend of Tansen, click here.

Every year in the month of December, the Tansen Music Festival ( Tansen Samaroh ) is celebrated in the Gwalior district, Madhya Pradesh. It is a 5-day musical extravaganza, where artists and music lovers from all over the world gather to pay tribute to the Great Indian Musical Maestro Tansen. To know more about the Tansen Music Festival, click here.

For a heritage enthusiast, it is a never-before opportunity to see and explore this little-visited part of Madhya Pradesh.

For accommodation options, explore this article.

Know The Experience Architect

Experience Architect - KK Muhammad

KK Muhammad is one of India’s finest and best-known archaeologists. During his service, he was a Regional Director of the ASI and was part of many key excavations. He is credited with the discovery of the famous Ibadat Khana at Fatehpur Sikri and has worked on numerous Buddhist sites, leading discovery or restoration of stupas and other monuments. During his distinguished career, he undertook the restoration of the group of temples at Bateshwar in Morena.

During the course of this, he managed the difficult task of getting even local dacoits to co-operate and not impede the task. The Bateshwar project, which led to the discovery of a complex of nearly a hundred temples, is testimony to his dedication towards the cause of heritage preservation. In 2019, he was honoured with the Padma Shri, India’s fourth highest civilian honour.

His insights shed significant light on the monuments of the Gwalior and Morena region during the course of the Times Chambal Heritage Trail.


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