About Us
Who we are, and what will we do

The Times of India is the largest selling English newspaper in the world. With a reader base of over 7.6 million and more than 55 editions, the English daily has set paradigms in media and entertainment over the past 178 years.

Times Passion Trails is an initiative by The Times of India that has truly emerged as the "third space" between home and work. Times Passion Trails are about customized, experiential and informative trails where select readers embark on theme-focused trails led by an Experience Architect.

Over the past two years, the program has connected enthusiasts with passions like Photography, Cycling, Music, Heritage, Trekking, etc. under the guidance of experts. These experts have assisted the participants in exploring and actualizing their passions on the pivot of a money can’t buy experience and learning.

Come and join us, actualize your passions and #LiveWhatYouLove!